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Student Testimonials

They always give students a good first impressions. They always show their passion to support students learning English. They try to create your study scheduled and find out suitable your personality trait and your ideas.


Language for Life is a amazing place, you can gain knowledge and improve your skills.


Do not worry about your level, you always can learn something from here.        

Sandy, Taiwan


Ms Tara Stewart was my English Tutor for almost 2 years (September 2011 until August 2013) She was an important and significant tutor for me.


Learning English at 50 years of age was a big challenge. Ms. Stewart was extremely patient, and she was an excellent teacher. Every time, she tried to find different strategies or accurate exercises to help me. She used humor, as a result my stress decreased, and I was always happy to see her. I felt very prepared to write the exam and Tara was a good teacher.  She encouraged me to have good self-confidence. She supported me as much as she could, and she was very respectful.

Ms. Stewart is very professional and devoted. She would be a good tutor for you.

Edith, Quebec


Hello, I took evening and IELTS tutoring lessons from Tara.  I’m going to write about what learned from the lessons.


What I Liked

: My speaking skills were improved.

: I liked training of vocabulary, idioms and reading practice.

: Using adjective practices were helpful to improve my poor speaking.

: Homework was always good because you corrected very detail.

: Recording my speaking was interesting, there were many discoveries of my bad habits.

: The tutoring fee was reasonable. I surprised if I took tutoring lessons in school officially, I should pay 80$ for every single lesson.


What I Disliked

: Nothing. But I regret a few points

 I should have done your tutoring lessons more than 10 times, because of it was really good, and I think some of my school friends also look for the tutoring. The reason is price, your lessons are cheaper than school.

In fact, I don’t have any complains of your tutoring lessons. I’m very grateful for you.


Narumi, Japan




Tara and Gioia

You are both the best English teachers I have ever had in my life. Thank you so much for your awesome teaching. I am forever grateful.


Devanesh, India


 It has been more than one year that I am working with my tutor Gioia for the CELPIP Test. Now I have got my desired scores for immigration. It was amazing, and I couldn’t have done it without Gioia’s help.

Language For Life offers many different courses to meet all your needs for learning and practicing English. The courses are offered at very good prices, good organization that helps you learn it easily.


The English Teacher at Language For Life, Gioia – a CELPIP expert, is very helpful and nice. She is always there when I have questions. I strongly recommend Language For Life to everyone! Language for Life: ESL Services 

                                                         Lucky, China



Fernanda, Brazil


I was a student in the ESL class, and I learned a lot from Gioia. She was enthusiastic and loves people. 


She is curious about all student’s cultures. She uses a lot of examples to help students improve their English.  She adapted the content and subjects to the students interests and encouraged discussion.

Thank you so much Gioia.


Amelie, Quebec


I was thinking about what are the few special things that make this school unique among the many...


Probably the respect and understanding we get here. We came from many different countries with our personal life history, but we can all feel that we are just as interesting and valuable to them as important for us to learn this language for our integration.


Their zeal is inexhaustible for teaching us.

Thanks for all this experience!


Krisztina, Hungary


I would like to express my opinion regarding my classes in your school.


My goal is achieving the necessary band scores in IELTS. It is quite difficult if you are in the sixth decade of life and completely swamped with work. Learning comes hard for me.


One of the main factor that makes me continue to study - it is the optimism of my teacher Jennifer.

I feel she believes in me. She motivates me. Her positive attitude allows me to believe in myself.

I believe I can achieve my goal.


Sergei, Russia


I’m from Spain.  I spent one year living in Canada and one of the reasons to go there was to improve my English skills, so I started taking lessons with Tara Stewart.

One of my goals was to pass an exam, the FCE (First Certificate Exam) from Cambridge when I arrived back to Spain. So, apart from going to the evening classes I decided to also take tutoring classes with Tara. I took tutoring classes for 7 months. Those individual classes were focused on the exam skills I needed, but I think that I’m not able to explain with words all I took with me from those classes. I extended my English vocabulary, I improved my pronunciation and grammar, I gained confidence in myself to speak English, I learnt strategies to how to do different types of writings…but what’s the most important thing for me is that Tara was not just only my teacher, she was my friend and my second mum… even though, It has been almost two years since the last time I was in Canada, she is still my teacher.

This was an experience that I will never forget and I’m so pleased to have had the opportunity to meet someone like her. She will always be the best teacher I have ever had.


Judit, Spain

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