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Private or Semi-Private Lessons


$60/1.5 hours private
$35/1.5 hours semi private


Time and duration are flexible and agreed upon by instructor and students at the start of lessons.


Lesson plans will be created focusing on individual needs of each student

Any additional textbooks (if required) are discussed and billed to student

Fees for all scheduled lessons in a given month are due on the first of that month

Semi private lessons are for 2 -3 students and are arranged by the teacher who matches the levels and needs of the students

Semi private classes are billed ahead for 8 weeks of lessons

Schedules of lessons are to be determined by the student and teacher 

A private lesson missed can be rescheduled if the teacher is notified 24 hours in advance of the scheduled time

A private lesson missed with less than 24 hours notice will not be rescheduled

 A missed semi private lesson is not rescheduled

      Lesson Fees

90 minute private lesson - $60 (one to one)


90 minute semi private lesson - $35 (per student)


All students are grouped together based on English level and specific learning goals.


semi- private classes are offered for specific general English skills or

any other focused skill such as:

Speaking and Pronunciation:

for students wanting to improve their speaking and pronunciation skills.

Academic Writing: 

for students wanting to practice and improve their writing skills.

We will use a variety of current topics to provoke critical thinking and practice a variety

of writing structures and techniques depending on your starting level of English. 

Private IELTS prep or CELPIP prep:

for students wanting one to one lesson time with a certified instructor to

focus on their timeline and their particular goals.




Please call or text 250-878-7250

or send an email to 

to book your free assessment!

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