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IELTS Preparation Private Lessons


$60/1.5 hours private


Time and duration are flexible and agreed upon by instructor and students at the start of lessons.


IELTS Preparation private lessons


  • Lessons are designed  and created for you based on your skills and your required band score on the exam, allowing you to receive a personal and tailored learning experience.

  • The lessons will help you identify the sources of your common errors in English and give you the necessary skills to avoid repeating them on test day.

  • Lessons are best suited for an intermediate English learner or for a student who has a previous IELTS score of 4.5-6.5.

Start dates are flexible depending on your schedule


Private IELTS Lessons

90 minute lesson - $60


Please call or text 250-878-7250

or send an email to 

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Intermediate to Advanced

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