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General English for Pre-CELPIP Preparation


$250 CAD


6 Weeks, 18 hrs of instruction, 2 evenings a week



Mastering the structure of general foundational English grammar and communication will be the focus of these classes using a practical application of each of the 4 CELPIP skills: reading, listening, writing, and speaking. Homework will be given and is highly recommended to complete.


Fluency in English takes time, dedication and good longterm study habits. If you are planning to apply for PR in Canada, you will need to take the CELPIP or IELTS General test. There is no such thing as quick English learning. Give your self time to work towards English fluency. Be proactive and get started on your plan today.

Groups of  6-8 students per class.

Suitable for beginner to pre-intermediate English learners

​Students will be divided into classes based on their initital language assessement results

There will be another CLB assessment done at the end of the 6 week course.

Please book your language assesment before registering. There is a $20 assessment fee

Next Start Date

6 week session start dates - Jan, March, May, Sept, Nov


CLB 0-3 beginner English learners
CLB 4-5 high beginner/pre-intermediate English learners

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